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Mentoring sessions

Mentoring sessions are either 2 or 4 hours and are tailored to your individual needs. Here are some topics that can be covered in a mentoring session;

  • Theory
  • Styling
  • Prepping for clients
  • Application methods and techniques
  • Taking pictures of your work
4 hour sessions are designed for lash artists who’d like to do a practical session where you can show me how you work so that I can provide as much guidance as possible.  Mentoring sessions are designed for already qualified lash artists who want to brush up on their skills or gain some new tips, tricks and techniques.

Furthering your skills and knowledge in the eyelash industry will help you level up your game as an artist as you can never stop improving.  The eyelash industry is constantly evolving and investing in ongoing education and/or mentoring support will be what sets you apart from your competition.

As a lash expert with over 13 years in the industry, I have had first hand experience of all of the areas you may be experiencing difficulties with for example glue retention, perfect looking sets, returning clients and so on.

The knowledge and experience I’ve gained along the way is what has allowed me to produce the work that I do and gain the busy client base that I have today and I’m happy to share as much of this knowledge with you as possible. 


  • 2 hours - £200
  • 4 hours - £300

Mentoring sessions are on Saturday mornings only.

Lash kits are not included

Proof of training from a certified trainer is required to take part 

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