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SAHAR LASH | Artistry x London Lash Pro

I’m very proud to state that I  work with the highest quality lash products from to create a bespoke look for each client and a super high quality set every time.

Each lash from London Lash is crafted from a cruelty free synthetic fibre called PBT.  PBT is a kind of plastic that is typically used in wiring, making it perfect for eyelash extensions as it is heat resistant, water resistant, holds its shape, and is mouldable to different lengths, thicknesses and curls - which is why you can receive customisable and unique looks every time you visit!

The high quality PBT fibre is also vegan friendly AND hypoallergenic - it’s basically a big list of wins!  In fact, all of London Lash products are vegan and cruelty free which is why I  chose to work with their products.

London Lash rigorously test their products both in house and at their factories to ensure every single product is safe and fit for purpose, which is why when you book an appointment with me,  you can book in confidence knowing that the products used to create your lash sets have been tested and quality approved to the strictest of standards.

London Lash is also committed to creating sustainable and eco-conscious products. Their lashes arrive in fully recyclable paper cartons and they are switching over their plastic bottles to recyclable glass containers.  All orders I  make with London Lash arrive in fully biodegradable or recyclable packaging alternatives.

Working with a brand who is constantly striving to be more environmentally conscious helps me as a business dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, and contributes to a brighter and more sustainable future for the next generation.

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