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Benefits of a Manicure and Pedicure

A manicure or pedicure treatment is a treatment that any person can have and benefit from. It makes your hands and feet look and feel better and also prevents nail diseases and disorders. It aids stronger nails and is deeply conditioning for the cuticle and nail itself.

What to expect during a Manicure or Pedicure

There is much more to a manicure or pedicure than just filing your nails and adding a coat or two of polish. The treatment I offer will include exfoliating the skin to remove dead cells, which softens and smooths the skin and stimulates regeneration. 

Cuticles are trimmed and treated with special hydrating products and creams are used to nourish the hands and feet.

Sahar is trained to recognise nail diseases and disorders such as fungal diseases, and can help you treat them by recommending over the counter products you can use, or advise you that you need to seek medical attention. Some nail diseases may result in being unable to provide your treatment, as some diseases are highly infectious.


POLISH ONLY - £8 (hands)

MANICURE - £15 (File & shape, Cuticle prep, polish)

POLISH ONLY - £10 (feet)

MINI PEDICURE - £20 (File, cuticle prep, polish)

PEDICURE - £25 (File, soak, rasp, exfoliate, cuticle prep, polish)

*All prices above are with colour polish. Add £3 if French polish is required.

*Travel charges are added to the above prices depending on your location from where I am based.


Please make us aware if you have any conditions that may restrict your

treatment apon booking your appointment.

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