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A Lash Artists worst mistakes!

Not working on clean lashes - this will kill your retention as much as it also being unhygienic.

Not taping bottom lashes correctly - last thing you want is to glue top and bottom lashes together and cause a scary experience for you and your client.

Not considering a clients natural eye shape/features before application - the wrong styling can look terrible.

Attaching extensions too close to the skin - not only is this uncomfortable for a client but adhesive is a skin irritant and shouldn’t ever touch the skin.

Too regular infils (once a week for example) - over exposure to the adhesive can raise the likeliness of an allergic reaction which generally gets worse over time and less likely for the client to be able to have extensions again.

Excess adhesive - will create more weight and more likely for neighbouring lashes to get stuck together causing damage.

Wrong weight extensions - will usually not last long and can cause damage over time to the hair follicle.

Not isolating correctly (causing stickies) - lashes that get stuck together will not only be painful but will cause tension resulting in follicle damage.

If you're a newbie Lash Artist and need some extra support or struggle with application, styling, fanning techniques, retention issues, marketing tips or more, I offer 2 and 4 hour mentoring sessions for already qualified Lash Artists. I also offer over the phone mentoring for any questions you’d like to pick my brain about." target="_blank">Email me for more information.

I was in your position once before and Ive been through most of the struggles you will experince, Im here to make it easier for you so that you can learn from my mistakes and excel in your skills faster.


Sahar Lash x

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