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Yes they can be, but ONLY based on these factors;

- Too much weight. If the extensions applied to your natural lashes are too heavy they will put stress on the follicle causing premature shedding and downward growing lashes.

- Too much glue and poor isolation. Excess adhesive will create extra unnecessary weight on the naturals. This may also cause “stickies” resulting in multiple natural hairs being attached to each other which not only is painful but will end up with the naturals being pulled from the follicle.

- Not looking after them. It’s you’re responsibility to look after your lashes once you leave your therapist. You must always follow correct aftercare which means not doing anything to cause stress on your naturals (ie rubbing or picking at them) and making sure you keep them clean.

Remember that properly applied and well maintained lashes will not cause any damage and you can have extensions long term with peace of mind. Always go off recommendation when choosing which Artist to use.

If you are a newbie Lash Artist looking for some further education or guidance feel free to reach out. I offer mentoring sessions that are theory and practical based. Beginners courses launching this summer, email me for more information.

SAHAR LASH | Artistry

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