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Eyeliner Feline Flick

One thing I get asked all of the time is "How do you get your eyeliner so straight and sharp?" So I thought this would be a great tip to blog about.

Most people tend to use liquid eyeliner or those less confident use a pencil to create a feline flick. However, I personally use neither. I remember when I first started experimenting with eyeliner, I couldn't for the life of me get it on and looking good. I soon learnt that I wasn't using the best type of liner to create the look I wanted. I soon discovered gel eyeliner. Now ladies, this is my number 1 recommended product. It is so easy to work with and lasts for so long providing you keep the lid securely tightened so it doesn't dry out. I like to use MAC's Fluidline Blacktrack however there are loads more out there on the market.


To apply the liner, I like to use MAC's 210 brush (see in picture) as its so fine and easy to work with. I find that most artists recommend and angled brush (MAC's 266 brush) however, I find it quite difficult to use on myself on the inner part of my eyelid. Also with the 210 brush, you can get a really fine line and build up the thickness as you go along.

I normally dip my brush into the gel and pop some on the back of my hand as the gel can dry out if you leave the lid off for too long. It also helps, to remove excess product of the brush and will distribute the gel evenly throughout the brush hairs.


I then look down into a mirror (this will stretch the eyelid and give a better view of where you are going to apply the liner) and I find it helps to dot along the lash line creating a dot to dot. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, make strokes from each dot to the other. You do not have to do your whole eye line with one stroke. Doing so, I find creates a wonky line. Using a 210 brush will give you such a thin line that if you do go a bit wonky, you can just go over it, creating more structure to the line.


Once you are happy with your eye line, then go onto your feline flick. I also use the same concept with my flick. I firstly make a tiny dot of where I want my flick to end which also helps me decide the direction of it. This helps to guide you so that both sides look even. Generally, you want the flick to go in the direction from the corner of your outer eye to the end of your eyebrow. This will create a natural and flattering shape to your eyes.

Remember to wash your brush with a drop of shampoo and warm water and leave flat to dry. Not washing will wear the hairs and damage the brush. You will also get a much more precise line with a fresh brush.

Good luck guys and let me know how you get along,


Sahar Lash Artistry

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