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Individual Eyelash Extensions - Why so popular?

Eyelash Extensions have taken the beauty industry by storm. They are the latest craze and are getting more popular by the day. But why are they so popular?

I started off working as a makeup artist 6 years ago and one thing I noticed from my clients needs were 'how can they make their eyes stand out?" I love doing peoples eye makeup because there are so many ways to enhance a persons natural features using a variety of products along with an artistic technique, but the one thing that finishes off an eye makeup look is lashes! I always applied strip lashes for my clients as I think it creates such a beautiful shape to the eye. Whether it be long and full glamourous or subtle natural lashes, they always make a difference.

After I realised the increasing popularity in false lashes, I decided to get myself trained up as an eyelash technician. This was the best thing I could ever do as a makeup artist. A semi permanent way to lengthen and thicken a persons lashes and enhance their eye shape. Not only could I give someone beautiful natural looking eyelashes, but they would last weeks and weeks and look fantastic with beautiful eye make-up. With the variety of curls, lengths and thickness's, I could create all different types of looks. Whether it be a a few extensions on the outer lashes to create an Audrey Hepburn sweeping lash or a full glamourous Kim Kardashian look, it gave me the opportunity to really give my clients a beautiful set of lashes.

Lash extensions, in my opinion, really make you feel beautiful. These days its hard to get a good mascara that will last and create that look you want. Having extensions also eliminates the time spent in the morning putting on your mascara. When I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror with no makeup on, I love seeing beautiful lashes, it always makes me feel good. Another bonus is that no one can tell you have fake lashes either, they look so natural as if they had a magical growth spurt over night. Even if your not used to them, you can always start off with a natural set and build on the fullness and length. They are great for holidays and special occasions as they are designed to last until you are due for infills. The water and chlorine wont affect them and you wont get a run of mascara down your face when you swim or even when you have a good cry.

I really believe in the treatments I provide to my clients. I would never offer a treatment if I didn't rate it a 10 out of 10. My clients love them and return time and time again for infills. Check out my client testimonials and see what they had to say about them.


Sahar Lash Artistry

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